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FirstStrike Advertising

The creative services division of Grace Broadcast Sales, FirstStrike Advertising is my independent advertising and marketing consultancy headquartered in Pullman, Washington, specializing in storytelling for entrepreneurs wanting to become the dominant brand in their category, increase their TOMA, top-line revenue, and "unfair" market share.



Sound Ideas for Building BusinessSM

Grace Broadcast Sales - Helping radio stations sell more advertising since 1991

We provide radio and TV stations (and their advertisers) with :30- and :60-second syndicated audio features for holidays, seasonal celebrations, and special events. Free demos and sales materials provided to facilitate risk-free preselling.





Radio Sales Café is a social network exclusively for Radio Advertising Sales Professionals, created and maintained by Grace Broadcast Sales, to advance the interests and effectiveness of today's radio advertising sales industry.


RodSpots (occasional ruminations on radio, advertising, business, and life)     

Pullman Radio's Better Advertising Blog 



 My Audio Channel   

                                                        Examples of radio advertising (primarily) and other audio I've created.

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A collection of some of my favorite photographs - mainly of the Palouse region of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.  I caught the photo "bug" back in the mid-70s and am rarely far from a camera.  Living in this beautiful part of the country, it's hard not to take pictures. For additional images, please visit my Viewbug gallery.

Contact me:

rodpullman (at) gmail (dot) com

509-334-1111 studio/home office | 509-592-0148 mobile | 509-334-9454 residence

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